December Views Week 4 + Thoughts on Year-End Transition

Christmas has come and gone and was celebrated with a healthy blend of joy and gentle dysfunction, socializing and quiet time, feasting and, well, more feasting.

I enjoy this in-between time that allows me to reflect on the year past before feeling too pressured to jump into projects for the year to come. A lot of good things came about in 2010 and I feel a recap post coming together – nothing fancy, probably a bulleted list, simple. Or not.

While I let my transitional thoughts percolate just a little bit more I thought I’d leave you with my last week of December Views. This Christmas was graced not only with the presence of the usual suspects, but with our adorable wee niece A., whose tiny toes and candy cane leggings I simply could not resist...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'll see you in the new year.

Happy happy wishes to you.