Year-End and New Year Reflections: Three Lists of 10 Things

Mika (February 2009), 8x8 on canvas

Those who know me know I loooooves me a good list!

Today I offer you not one, but a series of three lists to help document my transition from 2010 to 2011. I won't take credit for the format, I found it on Andrea Scher's blog a few years ago and the 3-point structure worked for me:

  • 10 things I learned in 2010
  • 10 things for which I am grateful in 2010
  • 10 things I want to create or nurture in 2011

10 things I learned in 2010

  1. that I can paint bigger than I thought I could
  2. that I have a lot of love to give and want to set up my life to do so as much as possible
  3. how to design a learning activity like a course or a workshop
  4. how to organize an art show and a vernissage (still learning on that one!)
  5. that I'm not lazy, that I can put in the hours to work towards something if I want to
  6. that I need idle or obligation-free time between work sprints to regenerate and re-energize
  7. how to transfer an image using a chalk pastel - easy peasy!
  8. that most of my happy places involve art, hosting, home, or the quiet beauty of nature
  9. that it's easy to become complacent
  10. that I love to create spaces - for me, for my family and for gatherings
  11. BONUS: that I need structure to accomplish goals, that I enjoy abstract painting, how to use the Curves feature to enhance my photos, that I'm capable and willing to take some risks and others not so much...

10 things for which I am grateful in 2010

  1. my home
  2. my friends and family
  3. D. and Cassie
  4. my living room library nook and my books
  5. the availability of healthy, local food
  6. a winter getaway to Château Montebello, a summer trip to gorgeous Gaspésie, and a Labour Day weekend at Mom & Dad's to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday - N. & L.'s generous offer to dogsit Cassie while we were away
  7. Squam Art Workshops, meeting new creative kindred spirits, sharing the trip to and from New Hampshire with K.
  8. Thanksgiving on a farm with D.'s paternal side of the family
  9. my health
  10. working a four-day week at the office, my colleagues, interesting work assignments
  11. BONUS: blue skies, a Mad Chatters field trip to Montreal, singing with Sis at Dad's birthday party, my point & shoot camera, my first solo art show opening, the courage to take creative risks... there's so much to be grateful for!

10 things I want to create and nurture in my life in 2011

  1. stillness and patience
  2. action with intent
  3. friendships
  4. my marriage
  5. my home
  6. health
  7. financial integrity
  8. one or more income streams related to art and creativity
  9. levity, fun and ease
  10. more experiments, comfort in taking risks
  11. BONUS: art, learning, creative community, flexibility, a willingness to let go of what's not working and embrace what is...

The last list may seem overly ambitious, but I approach it with a spirit of intent vs a need to achieve it all. Some of my wants for 2011 may drive specific, intense and direct action, while I suspect others will manifest through awareness and a more subtle shift in choices.

I look forward to seeing what will become.

What about you? What would you like to create and nurture in 2011?