A Celebratory Giveaway!

OK, so I'm feeling all what-if-I-have-a-party-and-nobody-comes (read: what-if-I-have-a-giveaway-and-nobody-comments), but dagnabbit it's my bloggiversary and I'm having a Giveaway!

Call it a celebration of my still being here after five years and a token of appreciation for your being here with me.

The prize? A 12x12 (10x10 print with a 1" white border all around) of Giselle:

(The print itself has more of the blue & yellow background showing on either side of her hair, this is a  cropped picture.)

Giselle is very special to me, she's my first face painted from scratch - evah. Her wild red hair and the borderline crazy don't-mess-with-me look in her eyes speak to me so. I think the eyes creep D. out a little bit, but she's got EDGE baby! I'VE got edge and so do YOU!

So here's the scoop:

Leave a comment on this post by end of day Friday, January 28th and I will add your name to the pot. When I wake up Saturday I'll print out the comments, put them in a bowl and ask D. to pick one (if Cassie had opposable thumbs I'd ask her). I"ll announce the winner here, he or she can send me a note through the blog's Contact page and we'll go from there. Easy peasy!

I hope you win!