Solstice Reflections: Rebecca Klier

Solstice Reflections 2011 is an online gathering of reflections by seven lovely women on the spirit of winter and the migration from darkness to light. My hope is that they may offer you a momentary respite from a sometimes hectic season, allowing you to sit with your own reflections as you enter your personal winter. Click here for all posts to date.



Tree with berries

Starry Night


My name is Rebecca. I like to make and create. On any given day I have been known to sew, paint, crochet, glue, draw, knit, hammer, dig, photograph, plant, design, build and sometimes sing really loud in the car (not necessarily at the same time). My subjects are what moves me - watching a plant grow or birds fly or children laughing or a dog snoring.  I don't like to point myself in any one direction as I'm always curious as to what I left behind or what's around that other corner. Will work for Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.

(Note from Steph: You can enjoy more of Rebecca's words and illustrations at her Website,