Two Very Good Things: Squam Art Workshops and Flying Lessons

Just in case you're considering last-minute registration for either of these two events, let me tell thee how wonderful they are.

They changed my life. Period. And I don't bandy around statements like that lightly.

Squam Art Workshops (S.A.W.) - September 2011 session, registration closes August 15th

My first S.A.W. was less than three years ago and OMG so much has changed! (I don't bandy around terms like "OMG" lightly either.)

S.A.W. is where I picked up a paint brush for the first time since kindergarten, it's where I discovered creative possibility, and it's where I connected with a group of creative kindreds that hold a big space in my heart today. And the food, goodness the food.

It's. All. Good.

Registration for the S.A.W. September session closes Monday, August 15th.

If you can make it happen, go.

Flying Lessons: The E-Course - Registrations are open, class starts Sunday, August 7th

Last year I resisted the Flying Lessons e-course in a BIG way, which of course meant I needed to register. And thank goodness I did.

If you're thinking of testing the waters with your creative business, this e-course will leave you motivated, inspired and loaded with practical information to get you going and connections to fellow kindreds on the same path.

I've witnessed Flying Lessons graduates soar to dizzying heights, while others, like me, are taking a little more time but lifting more and more each time we stretch ourselves as creative entrepreneurs.

Registrations are open; class starts Sunday, August 7th.

Note: I am not receiving any compensation for these plugs. Good product, good review. C'est tout!