5-Day Challenge: Day 3 Results

Oh my, Day 3 you were interesting.

Again I pulled out a piece that had been sitting in the "in progress" cubby shelf for nearly a year:

5-Day Challenge Feb 2012: Day 3a

Day 3 starting point

I liked the blue figure on the right-hand side, but then I turned it around and saw a woman looking out into the distance...

5-Day Challenge Feb. 2012: Day 3b

Day 3 interim state, I really like this

... and gradually she became this:

5-Day Challenge Feb. 2012: Day 3c

Day 3 end result, I preferred the interim state above

Faces intimidate me when they ask to be brought to life. Continuing on this piece will be a major challenge for me, I'm afraid of screwing it up even more.

BUT, one of the first painting workshops I took in 2008 was called Painting as a Process and that process involves persisting through resistance, risking what's there to create something even better.

A metaphor for life perhaps?

I'll let you be the judge. I'm off to meet one of my artistic challenges and see if I can shape Day 3's work in progress into something that pleases me.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I actually go through with it.