What's on your Ta-dah! list?

 Cassie Chillin'

Cassie's Ta-dah! list: slept, chased my tail, slept, ate food, scratched myself,

drank water, fetched the ball, hung out with my peeps, slept

"Rather than always focusing on what is left to do, we need to give ourselves a hand for what we've already done. Your ta-dah list is a nightly bow to personal applause for the many small creative actions taken in the course of a day. ... Often our days are far busier and more productive than we realize."

~ Julia Cameron, Walking in This World

What have you been up to today? This week? This past month? Probably more than you think.

Why not take a few moments to jot it all down so you can see just how much you've accomplished by simply putting one foot in front of the other.

Then pat yourself on the back.