NEW! The Tried, Tested & True Monthly Planning Kit

The Lake Awaits

sunshine, lake and canoe await (photo from 2009)

I will soon be chillin' by a lake, but before I go I really wanted to let you that I've created a great new e-kit called The Tried, Tested & True Monthly Planning Kit, where scattered thoughts come together.

If you have sticky notes with to-do's and ideas strewn all over the place (paper or electronic, doesn't matter), this is a great tool to help you bring them all together and move those ideas from sticky notes to reality.

This monthly planning process has helped me get things done month after month, from creating a workshop from scratch, to taking action on new business products, to creating this e-kit!

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I'm thrilled to put this out into the world. I'm proud of this product and I like it.

I hope you like it too.

Go. Get it!