Planning Tools for Your Creative Biz - Part II

This is the second of a two-part post in which I share five favourite planning tools that have helped me move forward in my creative projects and business. Part I included tools #1 to #3; today's post offers #4 and #5.


Heed the Warning

This was my first time using any of Leonie's yearly planners. I used the Business Edition, and I would use it again.

I wouldn't consider myself a prime target market for the "Goddess-y" flavour of Leonie's planning products, but I am a big fan of her content. It's solid, it's practical, and it covers a lot of ground. Her guidance is gentle, yet firm enough to give me the kick in the a-- I sometimes need.

In addition to the business planner she published this year, she offers a Life Edition. I haven't tried that one yet, but if business isn't your focus, it may be more up your alley.


In conjunction with the Tried, Tested & True Monthly Planning Kit I mentioned in Part I of this post, I use Leonie's Magic Money Making Kit to help with my monthly planning. They work well together.

The Magic Money Making Kit is part of Leonie's Business Goddess e-course. I like it because in addition to addressing specific financial and business goals for the month, it prompts me to think about how I want to live while I'm going about achieving them.

It reminds me that while yes, I have many business goals I want to achieve, I also want to get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, and have a date or two with D. while I'm at it.

I highly recommend Leonie's Business Goddess e-course. Like her yearly business planner, there's a lot of practical information in there. Just her Magic Money Making Kit, alone, has been tremendously useful to me and has become a staple used at the beginning of each month and throughout to see how I'm faring.

* Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Leonie Dawson's products and will receive payment if you purchase a product of hers through one of my links. I only recommend products I have used myself. Her products have helped me move forward, and continue to do so, which is why I've chosen to share them here.


Et voilà, five of my favourite planning tools! Together they've helped me gather my scattered thoughts, lay them out, stay focused and move forward, one small, next right action at a time.

Without them I don't think I could have achieved all that I did last year.

What about YOU? Do you have any favourite tools that help you move forward in your creative projects or business?

I'm always keen on learning about what works for different people; I'd love to hear about it in the comments!