Two Scoutie Girl Posts: One on Lying Fallow, the Other on Getting Things Done

What do you do when you're between dreams or projects? When you’ve just spent the most amazingly full few months experiencing all things good and tiring and fulfilling, but now it’s over?

I've over at Scoutie Girl this week, talking about lying fallow, possibility, and that space between.

"But what if I have stuff to do and can't really lie fallow right now?"

Do not fret my sweet, I have just what you need!

Funnily enough, last year at this time I was in production mode and trying to figure out how to balance the sweet slumber of summer with having to get things done.

It that's where you're at right now, you might enjoy my Scoutie Girl post from July 2012, with tips on reconciling the slumber-filled nature of summer with the ambitious tone of work and deadlines: On Summer Slumber and Ambition.

I love how the two posts document my opposite head spaces as they were, exactly one year apart. It's all part of the ongoing cycle of productivity...