Even More Beauty (A Love Letter to Those Navigating Transition)

Dearest you,

These are not easy times, I get that. Transitions often lead to good things, but while you're in the midst of one it can truly suck.

Surrender to the suckiness and frustration, but don't dwell in it. Feel it, acknowledge it, then let it go.

Practice extreme self-care. Extend an invitation to self-compassion while you're at it.

Surrender to the unfolding, to the element of surprise, to the possibility of what may come.

Surrender to the moment, it's where you'll find peace.

When something makes you happy, soak it in and smile. Really, smile. It makes a difference.

Entertain the possibility that your transition may be sending you messages through your body, via physical symptoms of which you've long grown tired. Explore this and see if anything comes up.

Try to pinpoint your needs and give yourself the gift of meeting them. A day off, a cancelled commitment or an 8pm bedtime on a gorgeous summer night. Don't worry about what others may think, this one's about you.

Create space to sit, be and rest.

Write it out. You don't have to keep it all inside. Don't censor, just unload.

Be curious, discover what blocks you. Savour the feeling that comes when you move through one of your pain points towards insight. Glee, enlightenment, self-empowerment.

Be curious, discover what heals you. Savour the feeling that comes when you find something that works. Relief, joy, gratitude.

Practice patience, patience and more patience.

Re-invite self-compassion. Keep that door open, always.



Embrace the gifts being offered by the journey. If you're not ready to embrace them, at least try to recognize them. It'll make things more palatable.


Be open and ready to receive because there is even more beauty waiting on the other side.

For all of us, there is even more beauty waiting on the other side.