Westboro Beach

Camera Play @ Westboro Beach - SNOW Edition

Oh what a difference a week makes!

Just last week I offered you snapshots from a romp on the beach under the sun. Today I brought my point & shoot to the same beach, but under entirely different circumstances...

Note: Unless specified, the photos were lightened using photo editing software; they were very dark straight out of the camera (sooc). Maybe next time I'll practice using my manual settings.

a perfectly timed beetle drive-by on my way to the beach

same beach, different look

rusty blue bike rack (this one was straight out of the camera)

Have snow, build snowperson!

I was obsessed with a weathered cement wall.

I was also obsessed with catching this drip at just the right time, but alas, couldn't do so before my camera batteries died. I was ready to crouch there until my toes fell off. (This is one is cropped, but the colours haven't been touched.)

Aside from my toes going numb, I had just as much fun as I did a week before under the sun!


Where could you go play?

Camera Play @ Westboro Beach

Yesterday I romped on the beach with my trusty point & shoot in hand under a glorious afternoon sun. I offer you a few favourite snapshots to commemorate the event:

Did I mention the sun and how it was glorious?

Even the branches were basking.

Where there's sun, there's shadow fun!

There were cool shadows and lines...

... and more lines, and angles too!

Chain and old metal. I love how the different colours show through the creamy paint.

It was a fun excursion. I think you should grab your camera and go play too!