Word of the Year

Words for 2015: Ease and Joy

Whether they'll stay with me the entire year, I'm not sure. Whether others will join them, weaving their way into my modus operandi, I cannot tell.

What I DO know is that that these two words - ease and joy - have sunken into my psyche these past few months and become guiding beacons of light.

I don't know how nor do I know in what form they will manifest, and I am more than OK with that.

It's less about grasping and more about trust.

It's about being open to the unfolding of these desired states and recognizing them when they appear, about creating the space for them to emerge.

It's about stepping into flow, and saying yes once in a while.

Ease and joy.

I am ready.

On Expecting Good + My Word for 2013

Our Dream House List

our list of dream house features, posted on the kitchen magnet board

" We are allowed to have the courage to desire our good and the expectations of our good being fulfilled."
~ Julia Cameron

I saw this quote this week and it stopped me in my tracks.

You see, I've been trying to evade my word of the year. I've danced around it, tried coupling it with something else so it wouldn't stand out as much, I've even toyed with other words altogether.

But this quote... this quote is telling me

"Are you going to CLAIM that word once & for all, or NOT?!"

Ahem. So, I offer you my word for 2013: Receive.

It was hard for me to even type it, I kid you not; it felt physically uncomfortable. Which is probably exactly why it's time for me to claim it.

"It's selfish and ungrateful! I'm already blessed, who am I to ask for more?"

"What if I added 'expand' in front of it, then at least I have to work a little bit for what I receive."

"Seriously? Receive??? Pfft!"

Yes, receive.

Receive love. Receive beauty. Receive good, expect good. Receive money. Receive JOY. Receive friendship. Receive connection. Receive a dream house with oodles of natural sunlight AND a perfect man cave. Receive new experiences and insights. Receive health. Receive success and recognition. Receive opportunity. Receive meaningful work. Receive compliments. Receive peace. Receive silence. Receive the Divine. Open myself to more good things than I could ever imagine - just because.

Though one would think this would be an easy enough task, for some of us, it's harder than it looks.

It's not about being ungrateful or feeling there's not enough, far from it. It's about feeling worthy of receiving good - even material goods and dreams come true.

It's about saying "Hell yeah, I want this!", then feeling at the core that it could actually happen.

Ms Cameron speaks of "the courage to desire our good and the expectations of our good being fulfilled." I'm pretty good at the desire part; it's that second part that gives me trouble.

But I'm ready to give it a shot. Though it still makes me squirm and I'm terrified of being judged for it, I hereby declare that I am ready to receive good and expect it.

Declaration complete. Now, I put it into practice...