Four weeks, August 2013


I was blown away by the response to this pilot run of Sink Into Slow, THANK YOU! Registration is now closed until the next run.


Sink into Slow is a series of weekly prompts, activities and inspiration delivered to your inbox to help guide your personal unfolding into Slow.

Inspired by my own desire to sink into Slow after a busy and full first half to this year, this is an invitation for you to join me and do the same.

What exactly does it mean to sink into Slow?

First off, what it does NOT (necessarily) mean...

  • Sinking into Slow does not necessarily mean doing nothing for the next four weeks - but it might.
  • Sinking into Slow does not necessarily mean cancelling all upcoming commitments - but it could. 
  • Sinking into Slow does not necessarily mean avoiding work or to-dos - but that might happen. 

Sinking into Slow means...

  • Acknowledging your desire to slow things down; heeding the call to do something about it.
  • Gaining awareness of your self-care needs as they stand today - rest, food, exercise, play, etc.
  • Approaching work, schedules and activities deliberately, through choice. 
  • <Insert your personal definition here.> 

Four weeks, four themes

  • Week 1: Sinking Into Slow and Self-Care - Your Personal Definition
  • Week 2: Back to Basics
  • Week 3: Practising Stillness
  • Week 4: Slow in Your Everyday World

I chose the month of August to run this because it seemed to “fit”, but the information you will glean and practices you will explore can be used any time. They are simply another set of tools in your back pocket for when you need them the most.

Because this is a pilot run, this four-week journey is offered to you for $0

What I ask of you instead is your feedback. And if you enjoy your experience, I would love it if you’d consider contributing a testimonial for future use on my website or other marketing materials. But that's neither here nor there right now, there will be time for that later.

You'll want to sign up before the end of this Sunday, August 4th. The first mailout goes out Monday morning.

It's quick, I know. But this offering just begged to be delivered and I want to get it out there! (Seriously, it would NOT let me go.)


  • A favourite pen and a notebook to work through the prompts and capture your insights
  • Any other material you'd like to use to capture your insights creatively: collage material, paint, camera, your tablet and favourite app - whatever feels natural to you.

I developed this workshop in a spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity; I encourage you to approach the prompts and activities in the same manner.

Be open, be flexible, and if something seems too weighty or complicated right now, set it aside and come back to it later.

I enjoyed putting this together for you, I hope you join in and like it too.

Sign up now.