Art Inspires Art


LHL Tunnel No. 2

(Trip to NB, Christmas 2008)

Ever since I've outed myself as an artist to people who didn't know I was I've been hearing a familiar refrain that goes something like this:

"You know I used to take photographs when I was younger. I even won awards and was published in the local press. Years ago I sold all my equipment and I haven't really taken any photos since, but I still read up on it!"

"I've always wanted to try I have some blank canvases and paints at home, maybe I'll try!"

"I used to do watercolours but I stopped. I guess work just took up all of my energy and I had none left over for painting. Maybe I'll take my watercolours out again..."

People are outing themselves too! I'm discovering closet artists everywhere and I love it!

Art inspires art. Word.


What art inspires you today? How could you use your own art to inspire others?