A Space-clearing Braindump (alternate title: The Big Red Arrow)


from the 2009 archives: the Big Red Arrow, a visual I use

to remind myself to stay present amidst chaos


My head is a delicious mix of thoughts, to-dos, questions, fears, cravings and possibilities that are creating their share of mental chaos. It's time for a good ol' braindump to clear some space.

[begin braindump]

Potential/existing projects: painting new pieces for display at my hair salon; setting up an Etsy shop including inventory and systems to support it; a tabletop painting project at a local café; curating a monthly artwalk exhibit at that same café; painting - just 'cause; setting up an inventory system for my paintings and prints; a winter solstice event, virtual and local

Decisions/conundrums: Squam or no Squam this year? Is this the year to tackle some outstanding financial goals?

Fears: if no Squam, that I will lose the creative connections and friendships made there in the past; of rejection and being forgotten; of never getting over my fear of wild animals, thunderstorms and nature at night; of losing my identity within my marriage - again; of complacency

Cravings: a clean house; quiet time with D. and Cassie, surrounded by Nature; two weeks off - one preferably spent somewhere by a lake or the sea; a soft ice cream sundae with maple coulis and chunks of homemade fudge; the salty sea air of the East coast and the sound of its rolling waves; fresh vegetables (I just can't get enough of this year's farmers' market bounty!); an adventure that will expand my comfort zone; time with girlfriends, giggling and gabbing

[end braindump]

Thank you for letting me indulge a little, sometimes it just helps to write it all out and see what I'm dealing with.

What's on your mind today? Is it time for you to pull out the Big Red Arrow?