5 Years Blogging - A Retrospective: 2008

This is the third in a series of five navel-gazing retrospective posts celebrating my five years of blogging in which I offer my top five posts for each year. Here are 2006 and 2007. Stay tuned for a celebratory giveaway on January 25th!

2008 brought two significant events: I said goodbye to my beloved apartment and moved in with D. and Cassie, and I attended Squam Art Workshops. But there was plenty of other stuff...

Purging and packing up house AGAIN and setting up a new home with a boy and his dog, camping out on our new living room floor by the light of the fireplace the weekend we got our keys. Seeing a major project completed at work. More letting go of the past, signing divorce papers. Freezing berries, playing travel Scrabble, discovering a new neighbourhood. Miscellaneous health issues throughout the year. A getaway to Quebec City. A lot of pondering and musings. A solo trip to New Hampshire for Squam Art Workshops, not knowing a soul who was going. Post-Squam exhilaration followed by a crash. New snowshoes, Solstice Relfections and an amazing Norman Rockwell-esque family Christmas spent at Mom & Dad's.

I also noticed a funny thing in my writing patterns that year. Pre-Squam I seemed to have longer, more substantial posts and less pictures. After Squam that seemed to have changed, with more focus on the visual and less on the writing. Interesting, non?

My top five:

Craving Creative Community - Oh the power of putting forth our intentions to the Universe! I had no clue what was coming...

Book Find: The Omnivore's Dilemma - I remember working hard on this post an I'm proud of how it turned out. I wanted to experiment with writing something different; it makes me want to try book reviews again.

Hostas: A Study of Shadow and Light - I really like these photos. Not only because of how they came out, but because of how they came to be. A product of pure camera play.

Transition from Squam & Words from Squam - OK another cheat with two posts in one, but they're short. And it's about Squam Art Workshops, a direct response from the Universe to my earlier post about craving creative community.

A Tale of Two Trees - A short tale about a boy and a girl and their first Christmas living together. I love living with that boy.

2009 coming up next!