A Thanksgiving Gratitude List

D., Cassie and a speaking tree on a Thanksgiving weekend hike to Marble Rock

~ sunsets on the river

~ peppermint tea

~ harvest season, my local farmers market and the abundance of food in our fridge

~ our home, though it's not always the cleanest, it's warm and it nurtures

~ my books

~ fresh McIntosh apples

~ the circle of supportive women in my life, you mean so much to me

~ the Mad Chatters, may our discussions continue to enlighten and cause gut-busting belly laughter

~ my local library

~ my computer and how it allows me to create and connect here, with you

~ my little Honda Civic, it brings me places

~ this weekend's Thanksgiving hike at the Marble Rock Conservation Area

~ the sunny warm weather we've been having these past few weeks, goodness is it really October?

~ a freezer full of strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and sweet corn

~ my point & shoot camera

~ art supplies and art-making

~ Squam Art Workshops

~ last weekend's Spiderman theme birthday party for D.

~ my health and that of my loved ones

~ my colleagues and friends

~ the practice of writing Morning Pages (thank you Julia Cameron!)

~ my family, I am blessed with musical, laughter-loving genes

~ opportunity and possibility, being born where they're both readily accessible

~ freedom to speak and think out loud, freedom to vote

~ this space here, my blog

~ D.'s family

~ D., our conversations, our silence, our being together

~ Cassie, her smiling enthusiasm and her cozy snuggles

I am blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.