Out With The Old

December 2011, calendar by Suzy Toronto

(Can anyone tell me how I managed to miss National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day on the 15th?)


Between work on creative projects and Christmas preparations I've been reflecting a lot this past month. Maybe it's the Winter Solstice, maybe it's the moon – full or new, or maybe it's just par for the course as I transition from one year to another.


Stuff is bubbling up, nudging itself into my world to be acknowledged, tended to or both. It comes up in my journal, my dreams or wallops me with emotion when I least expect it.


There's been a lot of talk about Release in the blogosphere these past few weeks and I'm a big proponent.


I have plenty of fears I'm ready to leave behind as I enter 2012. I don't know exactly how that will manifest yet, but I'm ready to acknowledge them and how much they've been limiting me. I might also have an outdated belief or two that no longer serve me. Yup. They might be good candidates for release too.


What about you? What's been dragging you down this year that might be getting old? Fears, beliefs, mental and physical clutter... could it be time to let some of it go?


There are plenty of ways to create ritual around year-end reflection and the release of stuff you no longer welcome in 2012. Maybe you've already participated in Pixie Campbell's Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies on the 22nd, or maybe you prefer spending quiet time with your journal or sketchbook now that the pre-holiday flurry has slowed down. Maybe formalizing it into a point-form list on your blog is the best fit for you.


You may even choose to not make a ritual of if at all and just ponder, let it all percolate. There's a lot of power in percolating possibility (a triple P coup!).


However you choose to approach it, the end of 2011 comes with an opportunity to let go of what's old and no longer serving you and in my humble opinion, it's the best way to make space for all the wonderful things that are waiting to greet you in 2012.


Go! Reflect. Release.