Solstice Reflections: Juliette Crane

Solstice Reflections 2011 is an online gathering of reflections by seven lovely women on the spirit of winter and the migration from darkness to light. My hope is that this may offer you a momentary respite from a sometimes hectic season, allowing you to sit with your own reflections as you enter your personal winter. Click here for all posts to date.


Some of my favorite things about the winter solstice…



kids on sleds and ice lanterns

feeling small around the tallest of tall costumes

paper bag lights

dancing and

drumming around an enormous bonfire

letting go of lanterns and watching them disappear into the sky

appreciating the quiet

making snow angels

the winter blue sky

everything going white

walks in the snow

snow hanging on to heavy branches

and forming covered walkways that seem to be secret passageways.


Juliette Crane is a full-time artist and adventurer. She loves nature, handmade things, and finding beauty everywhere in the world. Whenever possible, she paints outside, mostly in the grass surrounded by flower gardens and the tallest trees. She is an avid gardener and enthusiastic cook and would be delighted to have you over for dinner. When she's not teaching painting workshops, travelling, and creating art in gardens around the world, she lives with her bluegrass singing husband Brian in Madison, Wisconsin. Read more about her adventures on her blog: