38 Before 39

Sis and I at my first official art show opening -

a manifested experience that graced my 38th year for which I am oh so grateful

Tomorrow I will be 38 and frankly, up until last week I've been having a bit of a rough time with it. It's pretty damn close to 40 and it's prompting me to ask myself some pretty intense questions.

Life's Big Questions aside, I thought I'd have a little fun with a birthday list of 38 things I'd like to do before I turn 39 (that's twice I type 29 instead of 39, tell me that doesn't mean something!).

Here goes:

  1. take voice lessons
  2. hike a new-to-me trail
  3. sit by the ocean
  4. take a plane somewhere
  5. create an e-book
  6. lose 10 pounds
  7. create and give art workshops centered around intuitive art-making and creative play
  8. write and submit an article (or a query) to a magazine - hopefully get it published
  9. find the user manual for Matilda, my trusty point & shoot, and learn how to use her manual settings
  10. host a painting or tea party
  11. see a Cirque du Soleil performance
  12. take a solo trip - it doesn't have to be far
  13. try a new recipe
  14. clean out my filing cabinet
  15. paint on a big canvas again - at least 30x30, maybe even bigger
  16. take an art workshop, or two
  17. show my artwork in a local venue
  18. find a pair of stylish, dressy, warm winter boots
  19. find or create an occasion to wear the party dress my sister gave me for my birthday (I feel so beautiful when I'm wearing it!)
  20. find a pair of party shoes to wear with my party dress
  21. do my morning pages at least five days a week, every week
  22. host a few dinners, potlucks or game nights with D.
  23. see live music performances, maybe a few Bluesfest concerts
  24. go to a movie theatre
  25. visit the National Gallery of Canada (here in Ottawa, no excuse!)
  26. go to NYC
  27. make peach preserves
  28. visit my parents and family in New Brunswick
  29. hike a second new-to-me trail
  30. send cards and notes via snail mail - target one a month
  31. print photos from our wedding to fill our wedding photo box
  32. print favourite photos from last year (trip to Gaspé, '70s housewarming party, art vernissage) and create a souvenir album I can flip through
  33. throw a belated birthday party
  34. go dancing
  35. put $5000 aside in Savings
  36. do something with my series of Mandala line art created in 2005-2006
  37. get my hair and makeup done professionally
  38. continue posting here at least twice a week, even if it's just a photo or a quote

Wow! I didn't think I'd find 38 things.

It's an aggressive list, but that's usually how I roll. I strongly believe in the power of writing things down to make them happen and if even only a few of these were set in motion today that would be a success.

I'll let you know how it goes.