Creative Inspiration

This past month my mind has been overtaken by creative ideas and my dreams by creative possibility, both fueled by creative inspiration.

Here are a few things, people or places that particularly inspired me these past few weeks, leaving me grateful for their impact on my creative mojo...

1. The Ice Book

Thanks to Nicola, who led me to Chase Jarvis, who - as if both of them weren't already creative inspiration enough - led me to this:

The Ice Book (HD) from Davy and Kristin McGuire on Vimeo.

 2. Walking in this World by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way had a life-altering impact on me in 1999 (if you check out my About page, it's listed as one of the books that rocked my world). Walking in this World is a follow-up book to the Artist's Way; I bought it in 2002 and it sat on my shelf collecting dust until, drawn to it, I picked it up last month. Five weeks into the twelve-week program I'm already feeling a powerful spiritual and creative shift. Sometimes timing is everything.

3. D.'s Polaroid pics

Three weeks ago we found a Polaroid at a thrift shop for $2.99 and ordered a test pack of film to see if it worked. We each had four precious exposures to play. One Saturday afternoon D. packed the camera in his backpack and left on his bike; I am smitten with this photo he brought back:

Ottawa River and the Parliament buildings

photo by D.

4. Eye candy books, specifically...

Art Deco - The Golden Age of Graphic Art & Illustration by Michael Robinson and Rosalind Ormiston, Masters: Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists, and too many books about Matisse to list here (though some of them are listed on my sidebar).

5. Sis and her 365 Photo Journey

journey 365 :: 2011. One photo every day. 365 photos in one year. Whoa.


What inspires you these days? Is anything in particular boosting your creative mojo?