5-Day Challenge: Days 4 and 5

I did it! Five days, five visits to the art table. Just the gentle kick I needed to get going.

Every time I do this 5-day exercise I see my confidence grow towards the end. I show up, I try out new things and I LEARN.

I didn't have much time to paint on Days 4 and 5, but I still painted. I tried something different: inspired by Day 3 paint leftovers and a favourite pot of jumbly tumbly pansies, I tried to paint a stylized (or maybe impressionistic?) still life - a first for me.

Here's the photo on which it's based:

I began with a mat board (about 9x7) on which I'd slathered my leftover paint from Day 3's Frida:

I detected the shape and colour of my blue flower pot on the bottom and it inspired me to try the pansies.

The background, pots and greenery were the product of Day 4, the flowers were added on Day 5:

I think I'm intrigued enough to continue and see where it will go.

This style of painting is new to me and completely out of my comfort zone, but a 5-Day Challenge is a great time to experiment since there's no pressure to produce anything to completion. The goal is to show up; that is all.

I'm hoping to do this type of timed challenge more often, I'll let you know if I do. And thanks to those who joined in this time 'round - you helped keep me honest!

'Til the next challenge...