On Learning My Craft...

peony abstract, homage to Georgia O'Keeffe

(this is not a painting, original photo modified using GIMP)

For the past several months I’ve been functioning on a “next right step” basis. Having a general idea of where I want to go, I ask myself and the Universe “What is the next right action to take?” Often I get an answer and often I don’t know where it will lead me, but I do it anyway.

Today I ponder the question specifically about my painting.

I know I love to paint and I could eat, sleep and talk about art and creativity ad nauseam. Just ask my work colleagues, friends and family.

I know I want to learn more about the craft and its basics: composition, drawing, colour theory…

Though not exclusively, I also know that I’m drawn to abstract painting which is different (or at least I perceive it to be) than most types of work I see within my current creative community.

So where to from here? How do I grow my skills and knowledge as a painter?

Art classes, workshops and books are obvious ways to learn and no-brainers for me. So is practice (though committing to it is hard).

But what about finding an artistic mentor? Or registering for a creative arts program? Or creating my own self-directed artistic learning path?

All possibilities I’ve pondered – and still am pondering.

I suspect I already have the answers. The key is to be still enough to hear them.

And if in doubt? There's always putting brush to canvas. I can't go wrong with that.


Do you ponder your artistic growth? What could you learn to further your craft, and how could you go about learning it?