Smitten, Stunned, Stymied and Stoked


~ by the beauty of Prince Edward County, Ontario, on a sunny summer day.

~ by an evening walk through a meditative labyrinth with D.,

where I connected with this winged messenger:

~ by weeping willows, roadside lilies and sky-reaching hollyhocks.

~ by the beauty of Lake Ontario.

~ by D. hauling two Polaroid cameras around his neck, pulling off to the roadside when the scenery spoke to him, playing with composition and light.

~ by the road less traveled and hidden gems like this:

D. walking along the beach with his Polaroids

We had the entire beach to ourselves!

~ by art galleries and studios housed in restored houses, barns and straw bale structures.

~ by business people who care about local food, creativity and learning.

~ by artists who love what they do and take time to share it with us.


~ by how many places, ideas and individuals encountered on a two-day getaway were physical manifestations of specific concepts and ideas that came up in either dreams or stream-of-consciousness writing during the past ten years.


~ by jumbled thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams.


~ by possibility.