Introducing: Productivity Prompts

A self-confessed productivity geek I read a lot of books and blogs on productivity; there is a LOT of information out there.

a sample of productivity-related books from my reading pile/bookshelf

Always curious about streamlining things and gaining focus where I have little, I play around with systems or processes to see what works well for me and what doesn't. Some are keepers, others fall quickly out of play.

Sometimes though, I hit a tip or practice that sticks and it ends up on my cubicle wall as a gentle reminder. Usually it's simple, easy to execute, and adds value to how I manage my time and work or my ability to move things forward.

Starting tomorrow and for the month of August I will experiment by posting weekly Productivity Prompts to share some of those sticky tips here with you, and the resource(s) in which I found them.

(Note: No doubt many of these prompts or concepts are found in resources I've yet to discover. If you have a prompt-related resource to share that's not listed, please leave it in the comments so I can check it out!)

As with everything I offer, I encourage you to take what you like and leave the rest.

Stay tuned for week 1 starting tomorrow!