Productivity Prompt: 3 MITs (Most Important Tasks)

This is the fourth in a series of weekly Productivity Prompts - quick, simple tips or practices gleaned from productivity-related books or blogs that have helped me better manage my work, my time, or move things forward.


At the beginning of each day, ask yourself:

"What three things must I accomplish today?"

Or, using a slightly different tone, which I prefer:

"If I crossed off these three tasks today I'd be a really happy camper."

Then focus on getting those three tasks done and do a happy dance. 

This could also work well on a weekly basis: "If I could get these [insert number here] tasks done this week I'd be extremely happy with myself and ready for a blissful task-free guilt-free weekend of lounging around doing nothing."

Just remember to keep it manageable and realistic to your time frame; it's easy to become overly optimistic!


  • Zen Habits, by Leo Babauta.
  • In Making Ideas Happen, Scott Belsky proposes using a "daily focus area": a focus list in which you put the top five or less tasks you want to accomplish that day. The focus area has to be cleared before you go bed at night so it's in your best interest to keep it short.