Creative Inspiration

"The demons are innumerable, arrive at the most inappropriate times, and create panic and terror... but I have learned that if I can master the negative forces and harness them to my chariot, then they can work to my advantage.... Lilies often grow out of carcasses' arseholes."

~ Ingmar Bergman

Ideas are swirling, cogs are turning and possibility is permeating my heart and soul, the whole slowly morphing into faith and trust.

Here are a few things, people or spaces that have been inspiring me these past few weeks...

1. Marked by the Muse - Because Stephey Baker's artwork has captured me. Her Dream Song Series is magical.

2. Sophia Leadership - Because Heather Plett is bold, she speaks of leadership infused with creativity and intuition, and she is very convincing.

3. Bergman's Island - Because it's fun to learn about other creatives and what makes them tick. This is a beautiful and informative documentary about Ingmar Bergman, his life and his creative process.

4. Goddess Leonie - Because Leonie Allan Dawson is not afraid to dream - and act - BIG.

5. Dirty Footprints Studio - Because Connie Hozvicka is not afraid to paint and paint BIG. And while watching her video below I felt an unmistakable and undeniable YES rise through my chest.


What inspires you these days?