With Gratitude

close-up sunset on the St Lawrence, Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

Life has been full. I am tired. It's time for a list of things for which I am grateful, just 'cause.

Today I am grateful for...

~ books, books and books

~ being able to connect with creative kindreds across the miles via Facebook

~ Squam Art Workshops is coming up in less than two weeks

~ an evening full of good conversation and good food shared with a very special group of friends

~ laughter that's so good it hurts

~ my colleagues, realizing how close a group we've become and how that makes going to work every day so much more pleasant

~ options

~ having successfully completed my experiment of posting weekly Productivity Prompts

~ savings in the bank

~ a certain sense of naïveté that allows me to dream and believe in possibility

~ a knack for planning and crunching numbers

~ did I say books?

~ a comfortable home

~ family

~ September, it brings homemade soup, sweaters and crisp, clean air

~ sunshine and blue skies

~ a local farmers market that's bursting with harvest goodies

~ D. and Cassie, goodness yes, D. and Cassie

~ you.