Squam Art Workshops Day 1: Pitch Perfect

Something shifted in me at S.A.W. this year (S.A.W. does that to you). It's as if my soul saw an opportunity to make itself heard in the silence by the lake, but I just can't put my finger on what it was trying to tell me yet.

apples, lake and the morning sun, Squam Art Workshops 2011

In the meantime I offer you a summary of the workshops I took; I enjoy the process of recapping each one. Here goes with Day 1...


Workshop: Pitch Perfect

Teacher: Christine Chitnis

What I learned: how to structure a query letter; how to brainstorm and come up with ideas for articles that could be submitted for publication; that magazines have sections for which they want short paragraphs & photos and that it might be less intimidating to pitch those than feature articles; that we all have unique stories to tell, sometimes it's just a different spin on a common subject; that I like structure


Despite choosing to attend a predominantly right-brain art retreat I loved this class and all the left-brain activity it garnered. As soon as I saw the detailed workshop schedule in our handout packets I knew I was in good hands. And if that wasn't enough, Christine followed through with practical, tangible how-to's mixed with generous sharing of her own experiences and one-on-one support as we worked on our individual query letters. I'd have to say the day was pretty damn perfect.

Up next, Day 2: Painted Icon...