Squam Art Workshops Day 3: Primary Colors

OK now I'm interrupting my 5-Day Challenge to bring you the last instalment of reports on my classes at Squam Art Workshops.

But before moving on to the class, I just had to post this picture taken by my cabin mate G:

the girls of Brae Cove + 1 (photo by Amy Gretchen)

For me much of this year's S.A.W. experience was about these women, about the comfort, the stories and the laughter we shared around the fire.

It was about my feeling worthy - and sometimes not - of having them in my life, wondering what I'd done to deserve the friendship of such wonderful kindred spirits. When I was done wondering I'd go back to the conversation in front of the fire and promptly forget all about my insecurities. I'd laugh until it hurt. Then all was good again.

Thank you ladies. From the bottom of my heart.

Now on to Day 3 shall we?


Workshop: Primary Colors

Teacher: Mary Beth Shaw

What I learned: that three primary colours can make a LOT of other ones; that I like purple more than I thought I did; that playing with paints and experimenting with colour is potentially a great way to warm up before hitting the canvas; that scheduling a "lighter" session for Saturday morning is a great way to wind down the workshop portion of S.A.W.


After Friday's heavy learning this light, playful workshop was just what the doctor ordered. There was music (love, love, love Mary Beth's playlist!), there was laughter and fun.

palette sample using one of the triads

But don't be fooled, just because it was fun doesn't mean I didn't learn anything. Encouraged to experiment with three differerent triads (red, blue, yellow) of different tones + white, it was enlightening to discover just how many colours can be created with only four tubes of paint. Try it, you'll see!