A Lesson in Presence, Patience and Honouring My Own Pace

It's the new year. Lists, words and resolutions abound and I'm not ready. I have nothing, zilch, nada.

Before Christmas I garnered what felt like tremendous momentum in writing and brainstorming on business and creative projects. I was on and anxious to get to it and make things happen.

Then we left on a 10-day trip down east for the holidays.

Yes, I printed out some reading material and I even packed it in the consignment shop leather briefcase my sister keeps bugging me to use (you were right Sis, it does look nice). But the briefcase stayed unopened, along with the shoe bag containing more I'm-bringing-them-just-in-case footwear than I care to admit.

tattered corner of a really funky leather briefcase

A few days into the trip, feeling frustrated by the incongruent pull of wanting to work on my business while knowing I probably wouldn't, I chose to put my creative and business pursuits aside and focus on being present where I was - at Mom & Dad's.

I won't lie, it did affect the pre-Christmas momentum I had and I was a little disappointed; year-end reflection and new year visioning is one of my favourite activities for the week between Christmas and New Year's, I look forward to it.

But oh the evenings by the fireplace, walks in the woods and gleeful reminiscing as I pulled my childhood toys out of the storage nook (Fisher-Price Little People!) were all so good. I probably needed the break.

little people out for a drive

Momentum will return and there is no rush. My words and intentions will come, they always do. I just have to stop comparing myself to others, practice patience, and honour my own pace.


What about you? Are there areas in your life where you could give yourself permission to honour your own pace?