Where I'm At

Perfectly Stitched

"She didn't always know what the Universe was trying to tell her, but she trusted it,

knowing that it was perfectly stitched together, just for her."

(prints available here, cards here)

I have three draft posts ready to go, but none of them seems fitting. Instead, I offer you a glimpse into my headspace these days. Thank you for letting me indulge.

~ I am drawn to images, colour and space. To visuals that entice me to step inside and get lost in the breath of possibility and the surreal.

~ I feel a need to let my right brain take over for a while and give my left brain a rest. I feel called to soften my approach: less striving, more unfolding.

~ I want to make art and make it available, to deliver colour to those who seek it.

~ I want to be still, and receive. During the past three weeks, I've added a meditation practice of sorts to my morning pages ritual. It's provided me with insights - some practical, some bewildering, all welcome.

~ I feel an urge to express myself in words and images: time at the art table and at the keyboard, braindumps of words and ideas flowing from my fingertips. So many things are bubbling at the surface.

~ I am not sure how to deal with my return to 9-5 work, three days a week. I welcome the promise of a paycheck. I fear the break in freedom of time and space that I've enjoyed during the past 11 months.

~ I am taking stock, re-visiting my priorities, solidifying my definition of meaningful work, making sure that what I am building supports the life I want to create overall.

~ I trust that all will be well. Deeply.