Solstice Reflections 2012: An Invitation to Pause

Permission to Pause

A December sunset over a bustling, city street reminds me to pause.

Today I kick off a project I hold dear to my heart, to honour a time of year that holds equal significance.

The Winter Solstice is a special time for me. It invites reflection, rest, and renewal. It prompts me to integrate these into the weeks that precede what can often become one of the most hectic times of the year - if we let it.

The Winter Solstice offers me yearly permission to pause.

Though I do notice familiar shifts in energy, hearth and home, I've no set ritual to celebrate the coming of winter other than reflection, really.

What does settling into winter mean to me? How do I celebrate the beauty of a season that can so easily be viewed as harsh, and desolate? What can I do to embrace it and see what it has to offer?

What does the return to light on December 21st mean to me? Renewal? Transformation? Hope? Or maybe it's just a comforting assurance that the cycle continues, that life goes on amidst the questions, just like the sun rises and sets each day.


I've invited five beautiful, expressive women to share their thoughts on the season this year. During the next three weeks, I will post guest contributions by Karen Delaney Dino, Darlene Kreutzer, Jodi Lebrun, Vivienne McMaster and Susan Tuttle.

I now invite YOU to give yourself the gift of a few quiet moments during the weeks to come, and soak in their contributions. You will not be sorry.

For the past few years I've made a point to gather thoughts and reflections about the coming of winter. It brings me peace and joy.

I hope it brings you the same.