When Work and Play Intermingle (A Post of Gratitude)

Desk Buddies 

desk buddies Frida, Einstein and Barbabeau

they witness it all: work, play and everything in between

I never thought work and play becoming one would confuse me so.

I'm taking an online course, learning new technical information nearly every day, discovering a whole new field and supply of resources. I'm putting ideas out there and embracing feedback, eager to make their presentation better. I'm working my way through limiting core beliefs so they can limit me no more.

I'm designing, communicating, reading, reflecting, floundering, fearing, shrinking, expanding, discovering, building, wondering, scheming, planning, experimenting, producing, bemoaning, rejoicing... and loving every minute of it!

OK maybe I could do without the tears, but even they have their place and I'm grateful for their message. But really, maybe it's time to breathe a little? Play?

What if work is play?

These past several weeks I've felt like everything has morphed into one big whole that makes me feel vibrant and alive. But surely one must rest even from play to stay fresh?

This intermingling of work and play is new to me and I'm not sure how to handle it to make it - and the rest of my life - sustainable. In the meantime though, what I do know is that I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to even ask myself the question.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's Saturday night; it's time to switch playmates and enjoy some quality time with my home peeps. D., Cassie and the couch await...