Red Delicious

A work in progress under the sun

work in progress under the sun, 8"x8" on wood panel

I'm in the midst of transition, I feel it. For the first time in years February is being good to me, bringing no major blahs but a renewed energy.

My heart and mind are full. Thoughts, dreams, fears and ideas abound. Multiple projects exist in various states of completion. Part of me is afraid of spreading myself too thin yet another part of me refuses to let trepidation get in the way, determined to see where it all leads. Curiosity and action.

I feel an urge to reinvent - or maybe simply realign - myself in preparation for a new chapter, just like I did post-divorce (those who've been there you know what I'm talking about!).

It feels big and good and I'm up for it.

It's all-encompassing. It's red delicious.