Work Transition: The New Mental Health Day

Oops! Messy Stint at the Art Table

a messy but fun stint at the art table during my mental health day

When I worked in an office and needed a mental health day I stayed home. Now that I work at home, what am I supposed to do?

The conundrum presented itself yesterday and left me scratching my head.

I thought of getting out of the house, but didn't feel like it. Then I toyed with the idea of a computer-free day, but that didn't appeal to me either.

So what did I do?

I decided to follow my intuition the entire day and go only where I felt drawn, putting aside my to-do list entirely. <gasp>

Here's where that led me:

~ I started a running "Ta-Dah list" (thank you Ms Julia Cameron, for introducing me to the concept!) that includes all the stuff I accomplished during the past eight weeks, lest I start berating myself for being incompetent because I haven't secured a solid revenue yet. Then I had a conversation with myself about expectations.

~ I wiped my office whiteboard clean and brainstormed about what's on my plate and what's coming up.

~ I had a second conversation with myself about expectations.

~ I started recording meals and snacks in my food journal again.

~ I did laundry and dishes.

~ I picked up a book that had been sitting in my library bag for a week and read perfectly timed passages.

~ I fished out a workbook I paid for years ago and again, flipped through perfectly timed worksheets.

~ I caught up on Facebook.

~ I painted.

~ I made homemade soup.

~ I wrote this post.

~ I vowed I wouldn't bore you with the minutia of my day.

I never cease to be amazed at the little things that are cropping up during this journey, things like how the heck do I take a mental health day when work is stuff I used to do on a mental health day when I worked in the office?!

Seriously, I'd never thought of that.


What do you do on a mental health day? Do you work at home or in an office environment?