What's your story?

 Close-Up Buddha

close-up Buddha, he sits on my living room floor

he keeps me company while I create new stories

I have many stories:

  • Money's for rich people, not me. There's nothing better than getting a good bargain!
  • I don't do exercise. I have weak arms.
  • I have no fashion sense. But that's OK, I've always been a practical gal anyway.
  • I don't like airplanes. It's OK if I never see Paris.
  • I never learned how to take risks. I'm OK where I am, really.
  • And more.

I think it's time to re-visit some of these 'cause frankly they're starting to cramp my style.

"The only thing I have to release in order to get what I want is my story about why I can't have it."

~ Source unknown

What's your story?