Thoughts on Uncertainty and Reclaiming Our Energy

"If we can shift our uncertainty, our not-knowing, into an adventure, how wonderful that would be. Even if things go wrong, we would always be the seeker rather than the victim."

~ Susan Jeffers, Embracing Uncertainty

With impending cuts to one of the city's largest employers and my own work transition, uncertainty seems to be a prevalent topic these days with worry and fear as its gloomy sidekicks.

Frankly, it's bumming me out and draining me dry.

Tired of feeling weighty I'd like to propose an alternative:

What if instead of tying up our energy with the worry and what-ifs that come with uncertainty, we re-directed it to the possible and the what-we-can-dos?

Even just a bit would make a difference, non?

My intent here is not to make light of any fears or worries that are valid and real when faced with the unknown (I'm the first one to admit that constructively dealing with uncertainty is not my forte). My intent is to see if there's a way to reclaim the energy we sink into these fears - a way to reclaim our power.

Uncertainty has a bad rap, many of us are trained to fear it instead of turning it around and seeking its potential. I'd love to see that change.

In the end we may not be able to choose our fate, but we can choose to funnel our energy toward something that leaves us feeling empowered instead of anxious.

What would that look like for you?