In The Works... (or Life is Full)

So. Many. Exciting things in the works...

  • painting, painting, painting, stretching out of my comfort zone, trying new things

 Work in progress, 12"x12" on cavas board

a step outside of my creative comfort zone that's leaving

me both perplexed and exhilarated

  • working on new items to put in the shop
  • 100 iPad Faces project (54 and counting!)
  • agreeing to be the subject of a mini-documentary/artist profile for a local film student's class assignment
  • a new Website, learning how to build it using Wordpress
  • "springifying" my home, tidying up the studio, renewing my physical spaces
  • exploring poetry and reporting back via Weekend Poetry Dates here, in honour of National Poetry Month
  • spring hikes with D., playing with my camera

Baby Pine Cones

baby pine cones, all in a row - Mud Lake, Ottawa

  • working with a consultation client to help her fulfill her calling, witnessing how her eyes light up with inspiration when the a-ha moment hits
  • new juicy service offerings to help YOU fulfill your calling

Oh my, such goodness and such creative energy! It must be spring.