News & Notes

A few noteworthy things are taking place these days, it's time share.



A few weeks ago I shared a bit of my story over at Jodi Lebrun's Creative Life By Design including thoughts on creativity, building a business, fear and feeling alive.

Why don't you go on over and take a looksie, and check out the rest of Jodi's offerings while you're there!




10-10-10 PROJECT

In its second iteration, the 10-10-10 Project gathers answers to eight business-related questions from eight  businesswomen ranging from the seasoned (30 years in business) to the newbie like me. (The full roster is usually 10 women - hence the name, but due to life's unexpected twists & turns this session will feature eight of us.)

Starting Friday and for the next few weeks, each woman will host one question on her blog that will be answered by all of us. It's a learning opportunity ripe with insight!

My assigned question is:

Make sure you come and see what these fabulous women answered. I'll be posting one answer daily as of this Friday, June 15th.

For the full list of questions see the 10-10-10 Website.



For the past few weeks I've been working with brave volunteers beta testing my Get Clear, Get Moving consultation process and it's been so good! Here's what brave tester Shari had to say:

Seriously. How cool is that? I love, love, LOVE seeing people gain traction on their dreams.

I see a launch in the near future for Get Clear, Get Moving consultation packages. Stay tuned...


So much goodness going on. Life is full. Here's hoping yours is just as blessed.