Post-vacation Re-entry + Latest Post on Scoutie Girl

I feel like my vacation was a blur, yet, my pre-vacation routine feels like it was forever ago. How is that?

I am slowly re-entering the realm of home and work after a full and rich vacation spent celebrating with family, discovering bits of Prince Edward Island with my husband, and taking in some familiar favourites like blueberry picking and stargazing on Mom & Dad's deck.

Surprise Beach Find on PEI

serendipitous beach find on Prince Edward Island

I even met an online friend in person for the first time and we gabbed as if we'd known each other all along!

It was full and fast. I am allowing myself a gentle re-entry. I suspect it will involve coffee, laundry, and maybe even a little art-making with these:

Vintage Paper - Art in Waiting

vintage papers my Mom used to line some dresser drawers,

they came back with me - and yes, I asked!

Until I work my way back up to my regular blogging routine here, I invite you to check out my latest post on Scoutie Girl that went up yesterday. Want some help in defeating resistance? Make it a game.