Back from Squam Art Workshops (or, Navigating Re-entry)

A Safe, Soft Spot to Grow 

a tiny soft spot to land, and grow

Each year brings a different experience, fulfilling exactly what needs to be fulfilled at that given moment. This is what I've come to discover and accept.

I don't know how to describe this year's Squam Art Workshops experience. Deep knowing. Willful surrender. Anchored exhilaration. These are the words that come to me as I type.

Since this was my fifth time attending, I fully trusted the logistics and social aspects of the retreat. At the superficial level, I was not worried

I was however perplexed by the fact that going in, I felt tight and closed to feeling anything deeply, reluctant to let myself be open to any inner exploration, revelation or connection. That was Wednesday night.

By Thursday morning, about 9:30am, I wept openly and uncontrollably. Reluctance begone. Receiving begin.

I'll be honest, this year's Squam Art Workshops experience has left me a bit like a deer in headlights, wondering a big ol' WTF???

But because the questions that surfaced feel solid and true, I'm willing to sit with them and see where they lead me.

Reluctance begone. Receiving continue.

To all who attended, newbies and seasoned alike, I wish you a gentle re-entry.

More processing to come later...