Work Transition Checkpoint: 10 Months In (In Which The Road Twists)

Giselle in Frame (Dream)

dream frame with a mini image of Giselle;

winged muse and hand-of-Goddess in the background

"I have long wondered: at what point, if ever, do we say to ourselves or a beloved, 'This dream in this form is not possible. You are not attending to life's realities. You need to regroup.'"

~ Jen Louden

I am choosing to move forward on an opportunity to work three days a week at my former 9-5 job. It was tough decision, and it wasn't. I need the money, plain & simple.

It hurts a little (sometimes more than others) and it's a relief. A familiar, obvious, and attractive choice, these three days will offer a revenue base that will allow me to continue my journey to meaningful work a little more freely.

On the surface, this return to the office may seem like two steps back after a major step forward this past year, and it may be. But more and more I'm choosing to see it as just a step, another phase in my transition to meaningful work until the next one comes along.

More and more I am considering it as an opportunity to serve my dream and move it forward through expanded connections, new experiences gleaned, funds, and as an incentive to focus and prioritize work during my days at home. It may even mean a little more fun.

Everyone knows dreams love fun.

Already the release from financial pressure has left space for renewed excitement about the work I've begun putting out into the world this past year. I feel things percolating, and I'm eager to continue.

In a strange way, this twist in the road is validating the life I want to create, inviting me to question my vision - and solidify it.

My dream is far from dead, it's simply changing form to where it needs to be today.

It's time to regroup.

Bring it.


If you're struggling with a reality gap when it comes to creating meaningful work - wanting to be at a certain point, but not quite there yet - you're not alone. The blog posts below brought me comfort in navigating and accepting my own gap; I share them here in case they may be of comfort to you.