Gently, gently.

Edge, Hosta

The words aren't flowing.

I've been feeling a little behind the eight ball these past few weeks. In my writing, laundry, finances, work (home and office) and nearly everything in between except my art, I feel like my body and spirit don't quite have the energy to catch up with what's in my head and what I want to get done.

Frankly, it's frustrating.

But I am heeding the message.

I am choosing rest and practicing the art of going slowly through gentle, intentional action.

It's what my body and spirit need. 

“When we stop, we see that the world continues without us; sweet humility and gentle mindfulness bequeath the grace to stop, and see that it is good, there is no need to keep pushing.”
~ Wayne Muller, Sabbath

There is no need to keep pushing.

Gently, gently.