Art in the Making: Matisse Inspired Woman

I love how Henri Matisse used bold lines and colours in his paintings and drawings, it's no secret that I am quite smitten with his work.

Last week I completed a painting using Matisse's Green Romanian Blouse (Blouse roumaine verte) as a reference. I love how she turned out!

A glimpse into her making...

Matisse Woman - Initial Marks

Most of my paintings start out with marks on canvas. I had no clue where this was going to end up.

Matisse Woman - First Sketch

The flowy lines in my marks reminded me of hair and fabric. I searched for a reference image to help me out and found Matisse's The Green Romanian Blouse.

Matisse Woman - First Shapes

Painting the large shapes, giving her form.

Matisse Woman - Background

Filling in the background, trying to choose colours that would be harmonious and make her blouse stand out.

Matisse Woman - She's done!

Finally, solidifying colours, refining some of the edges to my satisfaction (see where her forehead meets her hand, how it's different than the previous photo?), and declaring her COMPLETE!