Work Transition Checkpoint + The Importance of Shedding Light On All That We Do

Despite having an extremely full and busy first four months of the year, I can't help but feel that I haven't been productive in my quest to create meaningful work.

I must often remind myself that compared to last year, three full days are now spent working outside of the home at my part-time office job. That's three days less to create, market, write, dream, plan, set up, ship out, paint, manage, and move forward on projects in waiting.

It's reasonable for my output to shift.

On the flip side, I've created and launched this new website and written posts from a place of integrity and truth on a regular basis - including my celebratory and resource-filled Four Weeks of 40, of which I am proud.

I've submitted regular contributions to, sent out regular updates to my mailing list, and I painted. I took an online class to solidify my workshop design skills, produced an outline for a one-hour workshop that's almost ready to go and the visual material to go with it.

I worked hard at my office job, bought a house, and on Sunday I leave for my first trip overseas.


I'm not writing this to brag or boast (though I do think my PowerPoint presentation for that one-hour workshop is pretty sweet!), I'm writing this to shed light on just how much has taken place in a mere four months. Not just trivial stuff either, BIG stuff like buying a house and building up the nerves to get on a plane for the first time in 10 years.

And you know what? I bet anything YOU've been doing a lot too!

Just for fun, why don't you pull out a pen and write down what you've been up to? I bet you it's more than you think.

So when you're feeling kinda crappy and down on yourself, remember that there's usually a lot more going on than meets the eye and that sometimes, keeping things running smoothly is hard work.

Then give yourself a pat on the back because YOU are doing a fabulous job.