Scoutie Girl Contributions - July 30 to September 23 2013


I haven't been posting them here, but I've been making my regular appearance over at Scoutie Girl these past few months.

In case you missed these...



The Power of Completion  Got any dangling loose ends tying up energy? Get rid of them and experience the power of completion. Liberate that energy for something else!

Change of Season, Change of Rhythm A tale of gratitude for the changing seasons and the gifts that come with each one, external and internal.

More Than You Think A reminder that amidst the perceived slumps and feelings of sluggishness, you're probably accomplishing way more than you think. It's time to take stock and pat yourself on the back.

When Life Flows A nod to life and its ability to flow as  one cohesive whole - if we let it.

Structure and the Plateau of Complacency Sometimes letting things unfold organically is the way to go; sometimes we need a bit of extra structure to move things to the next level. What do you need to move through your plateau of complacency?