Revamping My Planning & Productivity Consultation Packages

I still love planning and I'm still a productivity geek, but it's time to reset my current planning & productivity consultation packages.

Giselle, emblem of dreams and possibility.

Giselle, emblem of dreams and possibility.

As of Monday, March 17th, I will be putting my current consultation offerings on pause while I review, reground and regroup.

It's not all that easy for me to do this, actually; I like these packages. But it feels like the right thing to do to make space for what's to come next (just don't ask me what that is yet, m'kay?).

The good news is, if you've been mulling it over, you still have a full week to sign up and get clear and get moving on your goals with me.

I do still believe that moving forward on one's dreams has beautiful, positive ripple effects and I would LOVE for you experience that.

'Tis but a reset, not a complete retreat.

Journey on...