Scoutie Girl Contributions - January to April, 2014

Well, it seems I've been slacking off a little. I've contributed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Scoutie Girl posts since I've last told you about them here. Oopsy! And they're good ones too!

In case you haven't seen them, voici:

Five Tips to Help You Build a Creative Practice If you’ve been thinking of implementing a regular creative practice, this post offers five great tips to help you get started. They worked for me - twice. In fact, these tips could be used to build any kind of regular practice or routine, not just the creative kind.

Five Ways to Work With Your Muse How do you build and maintain a solid partnership with your muse? I have a few ideas, but really, I'd love to know, how do YOU do it?

What could you choose to reset today? There's always a chance to press the reset button, whether it's on a particular project, a relationship, or even on our own perspective. Once you get a hang of it (not saying this is an easy task), it can be very freeing.

The Gift of Rest (A Love Letter to the Tired, the Frustrated and the Disenchanted) Sometimes we just feel plain ol' tired and all we need is to give ourselves permission to rest. If you're in that camp you are not alone. I think I wrote this post as much for myself as I did for anyone else.